The Liontari Group is a management and strategy consulting firm

that serves veteran-owned businesses

Our goal is clear: to enable veteran-owned businesses to operate like a well-oiled machine and develop strategies that position them for long-term success in their industry.

We overhaul internal business management practices and combine them with powerful, tailored, customer-facing strategies so that each veteran-owned business we work with is efficient, profitable, and ready to go to market.

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What we bring to the table


A fresh perspective with a bias for action

Many consultants over-rely on buzzwords and fluff. We bring the bottom line. No “yes-men” and no excuses. You need answers to catapult your business ahead of your competition. We assess your challenges, determine the root cause, identify actionable solutions, and execute them so you’re back to running like a finely-tuned machine.


A proven track record

The Liontari Group was founded with the intent of solving problems for organizations. The company’s leadership and credo reflect a history of delivering top quality services to clients in all of their engagements and for industries' premier names. Past working relationships include manufacturing firms, foreign military officials, and government agencies.

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Cross-industry experience

Our people possess over a decade of cross-industry experience in financial services, consulting, construction, and defense industries. These diverse backgrounds give us a unique perspective that can help you see your challenges in a new lens and reach a breakthrough. Streamline your operations, engage your brand to its fullest potential, and improve your bottom line.